T-Concepts Solutions Partners with Microban®

T-Concepts Partners with Microban® to Create First Antimicrobial Hardware for Commercial Office Spaces

Miami (Sept 22, 2022) — Commercial door hardware manufacturer T-Concepts Solutions, Inc. (TCS) has launched the first antimicrobial door hardware solution for the commercial industry that is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered, in partnership with Microban International, Ltd, a global leader in antimicrobial technology. T-Concepts is proud to unveil its new proprietary handle coating as the flagship product of its new division, CareSecureÔ.  The first phase of this product launch will include antimicrobial technology built-in to all custom matte black handles, offered at no additional cost to the consumer. 

T-Concepts Solutions door handles with built-in MicrobanÒ antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth and reproduction of odor, stain, and degradation-causing bacteria*. Unlike disinfectants, which provide limited residual activity, integrated antimicrobial technology helps to fight against the growth and survival of such bacteria* on surfaces on a treated product throughout its expected lifecycle. 

“Most people do not realize how fast bacteria* can multiply on high touch surfaces,” says Michelle Witherby, COO at T-Concepts. “As a manufacturer specializing in architectural door hardware, we knew we had to pivot our design and application considerations understanding the concern that our clients and the industry had surrounding cleanliness in public places. We began searching for a solution to help deliver peace-of-mind to the workplace as people began to return to the office. After working directly with a microbiologist and Principal Scientist at 

Exponent to explore how we could evolve our door handles with an added layer of cleanliness; our mentor encouraged us to find a reputable partner that offered an EPA-registered product. We found that with MicrobanÒ.” 

(Exponent provides independent, third-party design and process safety reviews for clients that are designing, manufacturing, and distributing products.) 

From idea to launch, the entire process took 19 months. MicrobanÒ antimicrobial technology is currently part of the T-Concepts Solutions’ in-house, powder-coating manufacturing process for its custom matte black, locking and non-locking ladder pulls. 

“We will be evolving other product lines with MicrobanÒ technology very soon,” says Witherby.  

“As people contemplated how they would be better protected in the workspace, our T-Concepts team began to realize that we could deliver a science-backed, EPA-registered, cleaner, treated hardware solution,” says Witherby. “Developing a proprietary coating with Microban has forever changed our position in the marketplace and has opened doors for those interested in designing cleaner workspaces.” 

About T- Concepts Solutions 

Founded in 2001, T-Concepts Solutions (TCS) is a Miami-based manufacturer of commercial glass door hardware and glass wall systems. The company focuses on Architectural Glass Door Projects, including corporate, hospitality, residential, retail, and spa and wellness environments. TCS launched its CareSecureÔ division in 2022, which offers the first proprietary anti-microbial door hardware solution for the commercial industry that is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered, in partnership with Microban International, Ltd, a global leader in antimicrobial technology. 

*Antimicrobial coating, with built-in MicrobanÒ technology, protects the handle surface against stain, odor, and degradation-causing bacteria. 


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