Why did TCS partner with Microban®?

T-Concepts Solutions, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of architectural door hardware, providing world-class quality and innovation since 2001. As part of our unwavering commitment to creating clean and inclusive work environments, we partnered with Microban® to provide ultimate door hardware protection in the workplace. We chose to partner with Microban® as they are a global leader in antimicrobial technology. TCS is the first commercial door hardware company to partner with Microban®, and we are very proud of our partnership.

How does Microban® protect TCS door handles?

The first step in our proprietary powder coating process includes precisely blending the Microban® silver ion technology additive, which is EPA-registered and protects the hardware during its lifetime.

What is the Microban® additive & how does it work?

The Microban® additive contained within our hardware is an antimicrobial powder that can be added to various products, including plastics, ceramics, and metals, to protect those products and reduce stain and odor-causing bacteria that could multiply on their surfaces. This proprietary silver ion technology continuously fights against the growth and survival of such bacteria on surfaces. When the active ingredient penetrates the organism when stain and odor-causing bacteria encounter a treated surface, it disrupts the cell’s vital life processes, leaving it unable to eat, make waste, or reproduce. Over time, the activity of stain and odor-causing bacteria is significantly reduced, and the surface is protected from further growth of these bacteria.

What are the benefits of Microban® protection in products?

• Keeps products cleaner between cleanings and easier to clean.

• Invisible protection.

• Works continuously: 24/7/365. Actively reduces the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.

• Protection that lasts the life of the product.

• Delivers greater peace of mind to consumers.

Does the Microban® technology in your handle coating eliminate or reduce COVID-19?

No. Microban® technology reduces stain and odor-causing bacteria and does not affect viruses.

Do Microban® handles need to be cleaned?

Yes, we recommend regular cleaning practices.