Get a Handle on Antimicrobial Product Protection Powered by Microban®

Microban® antimicrobial* technology is built into our NEW proprietary handle coating at no additional cost to you!

Microban® antimicrobial* handle protection is standard on all custom matte black handles.


Ultimate Handle Protection to Fight Multiplying Bacteria*

In the correct conditions, stain, odor, and degradation-causing bacteria* can double in number every 20 minutes on an untreated surface.

24 hour time lapse of Microban® protected surface versus unprotected surface. Based upon standard laboratory tests on different substrates and is provided for comparative purposes.

An added level of handle protection that gives you a distinct advantage in the marketplace!

handle protection

Protection* that lasts for the lifetime of the handle's finish.

Inhibits the growth of bacteria* 24/7/365.

Handles are easier to clean and stay cleaner longer.

Helps prevent premature handle degradation.

Antimicrobial* handle protection is standard on all custom matte black handles.

Imagine your projects featuring the only commercial pull handles on the market with EPA registered Microban® technology built into the coating!

How does Microban® antimicrobial* technology work?

antimicrobial technology

A Winning Partnership Combined with a Passion for Working WELL.

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As part of our unwavering commitment to creating clean and sustainable work environments, we partnered with Microban® to provide ultimate door handle protection in the workplace. We chose to partner with Microban® as they are a global leader in antimicrobial technology. TCS is the first commercial door hardware company to partner with Microban®, and we are very proud of this partnership.

Care Secure
Our Antimicrobial* Handles are the flagship product for our NEW TCS CareSecure Division, offering innovative products that help you create a clean, sustainable work environment where employees can thrive.
“Our objective for TCS CareSecure is clear; elevating manufacturing protocols by offering lifetime protection, accessibility, and wellbeing as you return to the office. From our WELL AP’s to revolutionary product advancements, T-Concepts is redefining our commitment to our clients through transparency, science-backed technology, and conscientious leadership.” WITH YOU. BESIDE YOU. BEHIND YOU. Michelle Witherby ~ COO
Microban virus
Represents stain, odor, and, degradation-causing bacteria*.

Ready to specify ultimate handle protection on your next project?

Antimicrobial* handle protection is standard on all custom matte black handles.